Disruptive Think Tank

Working together to think, scale, and disrupt.

with Jerome Hartigan

“The No. 1 economy is the economy of thinking.”

Tim Hartigan (my father).

Here’s what Disruptive Think Tank has to offer.

We’ve developed three personalised and collaborative coaching formats. They work together powerfully, to help you be more effective as a Web3 Founder and leader. These three formats together inspire the growth and creative motivation you need to scale.

Disruptive Think Tank Coaching 1:1

Our personalised one-on-one coaching sessions help you gain insights into what’s holding you back, support your growth, and help propel your Web3 project forward. We combine traditional strategic thinking, disruptive thinking and our collective understanding of Web3 technology. This helps you clarify your decision making, and your vision to scale your project.

Disruptive Thinking Intensive

This is where we do the most important disruptive thinking together. We explore your network effects and plan to build them sequentially. These are the network effects that have the greatest potential to grow your community and your Web3 project. Creating a powerful foundation, for you to lead your team to disrupt your market.

Disruptive Think Tank Team
(Coming Q1, 2023)

Reap the rewards of an experienced team environment of Web3 founders with specialist skills and knowledge. The Disruptive Think Tank team will be coached by Jerome Hartigan and will feature regular input from experts in Web3 and personal growth.

Who We’re Accepting

Initially we’re accepting seed invested Web3 start-ups, with investment of $1m-10m and 10-20+ employees.
Later intakes will include Series A and B+ invested projects.

“Since working with Jerome we have advanced our presence in the USA and got very clear on our focus and direction. We’re now powerfully aligned as a team going forward. ”
Anthony Glucina
Founder, Define Instruments IOT
“Support and sounding board through funding rounds has been impactful. We’re now much clearer on our direction with Jerome’s input. ”
Rob Willcox
Founder, Smartlife Labs IOT
“Jerome has been very helpful in clarifying our strategy, and developing the model for rolling out our AI offering worldwide.”
Nick Clements
Founder, YourQS AI
“I've achieved massive personal growth since engaging Jerome, which has laid the foundation for business growth and scaling internationally.”
James Doble
Founder, Sigmatech IT Cloud
“Jerome has helped align our team on a common vision. This has enabled us to take our software to the next level. And rollout our offering with clear focus.”
Damien Poppelwell
CEO, Helix FinTech
“Jerome has supported us through two investment rounds, and a complete upgrade of our SAAS platform. And helped position us for strong growth.”
Matt Knight
Founder, SharedSpace SaaS
“We are a better company after Jerome’s assistance. We have a stronger desire to achieve our goals and a more focused plan with his guidance.”
Chris Miller
CEO, Endeavour Solutions FinTech
“Jerome has been useful in clarifying my thoughts. He’s been a fantastic sounding board for me, in a business with no co-founders, both personally and for bus related issues.”
Michael Jones
Founder, Flipmind, e-commerce