Disruptive Think Tank

Learn to think deeply, scale your project, and disrupt your market.

Launch Q4 2022

with Jerome Hartigan

You’re a founder / CEO?
You feel the stress of the massive challenges?
You need investment?
You want a sounding board?

A virtual partner?

Someone who gets to know you and your business deeply.

And can support you with a strategy for rapid growth?

Here Is Why Coaching and Mentorship
for Blockchain Founders with Jerome Hartigan Is  Viable Solution For You

Our Conversation…

What are your strategic issues?

What is the next level for you?

And what could you achieve through coaching and mentorship
(that you would not achieve without it)

Your Outcomes…

  1. Sort your stressful challenges
  2. Engage the right investment partner
  3. Onboard great people
  4. Get results (with clarity focus and direction)

Enjoy the journey – and grow, a lot!

Jerome Hartigan Co-Founder www.freeos.io
A crypto economy managed by all the participants through a DAO


Launched in Feb 2022

Over 1000 registered in 24 hours when first launched.
Over 7000 registered people now.

Thousands Members

Raised seed funding privately. Raised NZ Government loan and grant. Raised grant from DFinity ICP

Top 10 DAO

Top 10 DAO by number of registered people A crypto economy managed by all the participants through a DAO


Chris Miller Managing Director Endeavour Solutions Ltd. Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch (Financial Software Solutions).

“We are a better company after Jerome’s assistance. We have a stronger desire to achieve our goals and a more focused plan with his guidance. We would recommend Jerome to assist you to understand where your business is “really at”, determine where you are going, sharpen your focus and get your team aligned.”

Michael Jones

Michael Jones, Owner Flipmind, (Bespoke Software Development)

“Jerome has been useful in clarifying my thoughts. He’s been a Fantastic sounding board for me, in a small business with no co-founders, both personally and for bus related issues.”



“Jerome is a wise sounding board, especially when things get stressful. He’s always cool, calm and resourceful. He’s expertly guided us through and a couple of investment rounds, and a complete software upgrade.”