About Jerome

Personal growth accelerates success.

Tech & Web3 Coach, Olympian, and Co-founder of Freeos & FreeDAO.

Let's create radical
change together

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned during my time coaching founders, teaching meditation, and representing my country as an Olympian: is that deep thinking propels personal growth. And personal growth accelerates success.

Whenever I have made a personal breakthrough, my performance improved. I noticed this pattern working with other athletes as a sport psychologist. And also later in business and as a business coach.

Whenever a person makes a personal breakthrough, their happiness goes up and the results follow immediately. The happier the person, the athlete, or the business owner, the more successful they are.

I am passionate about other leaders experiencing this and deeply committed to my clients. Together we’ll create radical change for you and your organisation.

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Olympic Athlete

I represented Ireland in the Moscow Olympic games 1980 in the Modern Pentathlon event (Riding, Fencing, Shooting, Swimming, and Running).

Founding startups

- Education startup in 1988.
- Tech startup in 1995.
- FinTech startup 2001.
- Coaching startup in 2002.
- M&A deals in 2016.
- Freeos | FreeDAO Web3 projects in 2018


I have been coaching technology founders since 2002, including:

- FinTech
- e-Commerce
- SaaS
- IoT
- AI
- Web3

Massive Growth

10X Projects that my clients are involved in:

- IoT solution for a 10,000+ branch corporation in the USA.
- Rolling out a disruptive earthquake retrofit technology to Usa and Europe
- AI solution for costing a building from the CAD drawings