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Case Studies and Recommendations:

Chris Miller, Managing Director, Endeavour

Chris Miller“We were recently in search of a new direction as a business when we met Jerome. His proposition matched well with what we were hoping to achieve and his simple and uncluttered approach helped us clear our minds and focus on where we are going as a business. We have changed how we run a number of areas in our company with immediate positive results. Jerome has facilitated and guided us rather than take any control, this has been most valuable in helping us grow as managers and business owners.  We are better company after Jerome’s assistance, we have a stronger desire to achieve our goals and a more focussed plan with his guidance.


“We would recommend Jerome to assist you to understand where your business is “really at”, determine where you are going, sharpen your focus and get your team aligned.”

Craig Alexander, Partner, Alexander Dorrington Commercial Lawyers

Craig Alexander“Jerome Hartigan was business coach for Alexander Dorrington from 2005 to 2007.

We were interested in the coaching relationship to assist us in some dynamic change.

The coaching provided facilitated a number of changes, and challenged entrenched thinking. We embarked on a new focus on value and adopted the Good to Great business model. All of which made a valuable contribution.”


“I would recommend Jerome as an effective business coach, particularly if your organisation is in need of dynamic change.”

Simon Laurent, Principal, Laurent Law, Immigration Lawyers

Simon Laurent“Working with Jerome Hartigan refocused us on our core business in immigration law, Identifying the drivers for success of the business and getting in touch with those. Establishing the importance of the true value of the work we are doing. Resulting in increasing fees and increasing profits.

Jerome assisted us to restructure the business in a lean and more profitable format, including making some hard decisions about staff, myself and my business. Jerome supported me to refocus on what was important to success of business and myself as a bus owner. Work through my own misconceptions of my self as a leader and as a professional.

Since then I have achieved a number of big long term business goals. I have claimed a significant space of the mind field for immigration law in New Zealand. People come to me for thought leadership, seminars, and media comment.

Profitability has been pretty darn good in the last couple of years. Turnover has almost doubled. And I am also on track to achieve some long term personal and financial goals.”


“I highly recommend Jerome Hartigan as a business coach who gets results. You need to work with Jerome if you are serious about making a change in your business and personal life. And you’ll need to be committed to doing the hard mental and emotional work. Because Jerome doesn’t take any bullshit.”

Steve Hollins, Owner, Stephanos Restaurant Waiheke

Steve Hollins“Coaching with Jerome, sales have increased by 30% this year to a record high for my business – having other restaurants around me drop by 20% in sales. Jerome’s helped keep me focused and look at multiple drivers to ensure continuous growth.

Jerome is a great listener he listens to what is going on inside of me as well as what’s going on around me. And he takes time to acknowledge where I am at. This helps me to gain a fuller picture of myself and my business environment.

Creating clarity for me to make important decisions based on the truth and the circumstances that I am dealing with. Jerome’s stage by stage approach to business development helped make it all much easier.”


“I recommend Jerome for a fresh perspective and fresh new insight into business and business relationships. With implementation of strategies that are achievable and beneficial for business relationships and overall business performance.”

Michael Jones, Owner Flipmind, Bespoke Software Development Business

Michael JonesRecommendation:

“I think Jerome has been useful in clarifying my thoughts. He’s been a Fantastic sounding board for me, in a small business with no co-founders, both personally and for bus related issues.”

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