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Meditate For Success

The inner game is important in any human endeavour – especially business. So training with inner-game techniques and meditation are an important part of our coaching.

In order to be successful, I need to have a clear vision of my success.
I need a supportive identity / self-image.
I need congruent values.
And I need beliefs that enable me.

Easily said – difficult to do.
And awareness of what I am not doing is the key.
We guide a pragmatic approach to meditate and increase awareness in life and business.

Awareness is the first step.

At age 10, living in the cold wet Irish climate, I became aware that I was having continual head colds. So I made a decision – to be fit and healthy. I decided to change, from walking, to running everywhere. I started this immediately. And I ran all the way to the Olympics. (I represented Ireland in the Moscow Olympics 1980).

Now, as a business coach, I support my clients, becoming aware.
To see what is not working.
To make a decision to change a behaviour.
And take action.
Then transformation and success follow.

The journey transforming, a person, or a business, starts with the first step.
The first step is awareness.

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