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About Jerome Hartigan

Jerome Hartigan: Strategy, Team Building, Business Coach

Strategy and Planning

Jerome has conducted strategic planning processes for hundreds of New Zealand businesses. He uses a range of fluid processes and structured models to enable clarity focus and direction, for the team and individuals to contribute their best. With his diverse experience he is able to encourage thinking outside the box. Jerome is able to catalyse both the creativity and logical thinking within the team. He is capable asking probing questions that result in deep strategic insights into the business. This can enable an understanding of what works, and what doesn’t, and why. This all supports a team developing unique innovations strategies and solutions, with clarity direction and go-forward purpose. Once the disciplined strategic thinking has been done, the plan will often become self-evident. And roll out quickly and easily using the strategic model as a guide.

Team Building

Jerome is inspirational team builder for business and leadership teams. He has the ability to harmonise motivate and align team members around shared values, purpose and direction. He has worked with numerous nationwide businesses and organisations to support dynamic change. On occasion facilitating strategies for multiple simultaneous paradigm shifts. His approach is primarily to listen and understand. This often includes enabling a shared vision of the big picture. So the small stuff is easier. Jerome encourages each participant to take ownership of their part in the solution.

Strategic Business Coach

Jerome has coached hundreds of individual business leaders and teams, both in New Zealand and internationally for over a decade. A typical sequence of Jerome’s work is to start with a strategic process, and follow with coaching to implement the plan. Coaching happens on a regular basis with a team or individual (e.g. a director). It includes business and personal strategies to support accountability to implement the plan. The intent is to provide a catalyst for continuous progress towards the outcome. Key strategies include offloading less essential roles, and putting processes in place to enable leaders to be more effective. This includes enhancing communication, productivity, accountability within the team.

Jerome Equestrian Olympics

Jerome Hartigan Modern Pentathlon Equestrian event Olympic Games Moscow 1980

Dynamic Training

Jerome is a dynamic trainer in a wide spectrum of business disciplines. These range from Leadership and Communication, to Personal and Team Productivity, Negotiation, as well as Sales and Marketing. Jerome’s master’s degree in education with decades of developing innovative programs comes in handy here. Jerome’s approach is to get clear on your goals as an organisation. Then establish what training and development needs you have to meet these goals. Then plan customised training with content and process that will meet these needs. Jerome starts by establishing and acknowledging where people are at, with the knowledge experience and skills and learning styles they have. And on this he and builds confidence, skills, awareness and team process that supports you to meet your goals as an organisation.

Inspirational Keynote Speaker:

Jerome draws on his life experience and his extensive knowledge as he speaks passionately about leadership, as well as personal and team performance, in business sport and learning. He illustrates his points with stories from his life and others’. He focuses on principle-centred learning and leadership, that draws from the experience of the listener. And he engages the audience in interaction with each other as well as the stage. The result is a dynamic and memorable experience that can transform beliefs, visions, and the lives of the audience.

Jerome Hartigan Bio

Jerome knows about achieving great results. At age 16, he was already a national age-group-champion athlete, when he set a goal of competing in the Olympic Modern Pentathlon (Running, Riding, Swimming, Shooting and Fencing). He achieved his goal in six years representing Ireland in the Olympic Modern Pentathlon event at Moscow 1980. He earned his master’s degree in Sport Psychology at Ithaca College, New York and worked as a sport psychologist with elite athletes.

Jerome has owned and run businesses over 20 years in Education, Franchising and Computer Software. He has worked as a business coach and professional speaker for 10 years. He has provided strategic advice and planning support to hundreds of CEOs and senior managers. He has also run public and in-house seminars on a wide range of business topics for hundreds of businesses. His key talent is inspiring smart thinking to grow your business.

Jerome is former president of the New Zealand Suzuki Institute, former vice-chairman of the Brainwave Trust and was founding chairman of the Ireland New Zealand Trade Association. He teaches meditation to business leaders in New Zealand and Internationally.

Jerome Running Olympics

Jerome Hartigan Modern Pentathlon Running event Olympic Games Moscow 1980

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